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We started this Web site as a fun idea for how to help all of our fellow Francophiles become fluent in French. We were sitting around on bean bag chairs in the student lounge one evening, drinking Perrier and going over some vocabulary words for an upcoming French quiz. The conversation quickly meandered, and we started talking about how we could get more people become involved in enjoying the French language.

You see, the issue then was the same as the issue today: we love the French language, and we love speaking it, and we know that we're not alone. But we also know there is a major problem for many students and professionals who want to learn French. We know that there are so many folks out there who dream about being able to speak French one day, but never actually get around to doing it. People who would love to learn French, but find that excuses not to learn keep cropping up whenever they are about to set their mind to it. Sound like you?

Well, we know exactly what's getting in the way. We know why these excuses keep coming up. We know what's making French like an unclimbable mountain, when it's actually just a little hill.

Here's the reason: people have been tricked into believing that French is hard. Plain and simple. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Compared to so many other languages, French is actually one of the easiest languages to learn. And it doesn't even take that much time. Learn a few vocabulary words, and you'll be speaking basic sentences within the first few minutes of starting your French lessons. Most programs will actually guarantee it.

So French is easy to learn. But why then, do you still think it's hard? The problem lies in the fact that many people just don't respond to the traditional methods of language learning. Unfortunately, grade school and high schools students are often forced into only one way of learning: the prescribed lesson plans approved by some school board bigwig way out in the district office, far away from the place where actual learning takes place.

Sure, for some the traditional method may be a fine way to learn the language. But studies show that the vast majority of students don't actually absorb the material that's being shoved down their throats via this method of teaching. It just doesn't work. And it's caused a lot of disillusionment for would-be speakers of French. How can you overcome this problem?

That's where we come in. This Web site was created to connect you with the French learning program that works best for you. Do you learn best while driving in your car? Perhaps you prefer to be home alone, taking lessons online. Or watching instructional videos. The interactive format engages the brain in a unique way so that you could learn French with surprising speed by watching French instructional DVDs in your spare time.

Or do you love to travel? Maybe the best way to learn French is to spend a few weeks on the beach in the south of France. Sounds rough, we know. At the risk of adding insult to injury, we just might add that there are in fact numerous intensive French courses that intersperse fast paced learning with hours on the beach. How does the saying go, "learn hard, play hard"? Something like that. But it's important to book in advance because these programs tend to fill up fast no matter how many threats of sandy beaches and cool drinks fill up their brochures. So book your French intensive course now.

But no matter what kind of a learner you are, you'll find the program that best fits your needs here on these pages, on our Web site. The French Professor. Dot ORG.

Now you may be asking yourself, what's the use? French may be easy, but why would I spend even the little time it takes to learn French. Why couldn't I just relax and eat French fries. But to be, well, "frank", knowing the French language could easily translate to earning a lot more money. Then you could eat as many French fries as you wanted! Seriously, though, the French language is a hot commodity. It still is. Just read the results of a recent Virginia Tech survey which proves that French is the most practical foreign language.

After all, many of the world's most important multinational businesses not only got their start in France, but continue to lead their operations from Paris and other financial centers throughout country. While the abundance of social services is France has led some demagogues to decry the nation as somehow "socialist", the truth is that France can only afford such magnaminity because the country is literally dripping in money. And where does it get all that money? From the ingenuity of its businesspeople, and the strong work ethic that has made France what it is today. We needn't be reminded that it's the French who coined the term "entrepreneur".

Of course, the nation of France is only part of the story. French is spoken in many countries around the world, including Brussels, Belgium, which is the power seat of the European Union, whose population of nearly 400 million dwarfs that of the United States. French is also spoken in Luxembourg and parts of Switzerland, where finance, technology and the arts reign. And French is spoken widely throughout the Eastern region of Canada, including some of Canada's most important cities, like Quebec and Montreal. And despite its humble veneer, Canada is a powerhouse in the energy and commodities sector. Not only do Canadian companies exploit their own vast resources, but they are increasingly on the rosters of deep pocketed international operations involving, mining, trade, finance and nearly every imaginable industry worth pursuing. Fluency in the French language can give any ambitious individual a high level of versatility in dealing with many of the most politically and economically important points in the world. In other words, learning French is probably the most important career move you could ever make. Many of our friends have already used their knowledge of French to land jobs in the banking, energy and diplomatic sectors.

Sure, a few outliers who envision themselves as clever might argue that French has had its day, that it's so "pasť", as it were, and that people must now look east toward Asian countries to learn languages that will improve their employment prospects. And there's certainly no doubt that Asia is a rising trend. French is still widely spoken in Vietnam, which many of the shrewdest economists and financial strategists are watching with a close eye as an under-rated but rising star the the Asian economy. But the natural human tendency toward hype has blown the importance of Asian languages way out of proportion. French still remains one of the most important world languages to learn, because French businesses have staying power. Which Even as third world contries develop, French corporations will be their to guide their growth, and provide the scientific and technological ingenuity that is crucial to the infrastructure of these emerging economies. Being able to speak French is a lasting asset that will continue to be relevant, useful and advantageous for decades, if not centuries to come.

Of course, it's not just about the money and career opportunities that fluency in the French language can provide. Educated, clever, sensitive, intelligent, beautiful, artistic, creative and fun-loving people are joining the ranks of Francophones, creating and enhancing a cultured class of people to share this wonderful language - and indeed mindset - with. After all, one of the best features of the French language is that so many amazing people want to learn French! So why not come along and be a part of this exciting, and lively-as-ever linguistic movement?

Indeed, learning French means that you'll not only be unlocking the key to the imaginations of native French speakers across the world, but you will also be gaining access to a community of dedicated intellectuals who love the French language, who love the French culture and who love learning the language. It's for this and many other reasons that learning French is fun. But while an uninformed few people would throw up their hands and say "I give up, French is so hard", the rest of us know that learning French can actually be extremely easy.


Because we've put some real elbow grease into this project. We've scoured the Web and found out where the best resources for learning French actually are. We haven't just done a few Google searches and called it a day. No. This project is our baby, and we're set on making it one of the best resources for learning French on the Web. No matter what your method of learning, we've found the best resources there are for that method of learning French. So go ahead and feel free to browse this list of resources, and discover the French language learning program that is really right for you!

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