Learn to Speak French
We are a group of French students, teachers and tutors who see French as more than just an occupation, but also a passion. We know that many other people feel this way too - or at least they would if they were able to learn French in the first place. So we've decided to do our best by making French fun and easy to learn, so we can bring even more cool Francophiles into the fold!

This whole concept began when we were studying for an upcoming French exam. We had all our vocab and grammar problems mastered, but we realized there was a much greater problem at hand: why do so many people love the French language, yet can't manage to learn it?

After a long discussion we all agree that everybody has a different way of learning and, up to now, it hasn't been easy to access these different ways of learning. Sure, some people can learn in the classroom, but other people can learn just as well by logging on and enrolling in a distance learning course. Other people may need visual, interactive media such as DVDs or CD ROMS. Some people learn best while driving to work, listening to CDs, or downloading those lessons to their iPhones and listening to the lessons while at the gym doing toning exercises or mild cardio on the treadmill. And so on.

So what if there were a Web site that could help people discover their own best way to learn French, and make it as easy as un-deux-trois to do it! That's where we come in. We bring together the best French learning resources out there, rate them, review them and find the best deals available online and in stores. We want to make French fun and easy to learn. With that in mind, we hope to make this one of the best resources available for learning French on the Web, and we appreciate all your feedback as we grow this project into something even more helpful, more easy, and more fun!

Bon voyage!

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