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This is where you can find a French dictionary suited precisely to your language learning needs. Whether you are looking for an online dictionary from French to English, and English to French, a monolingual paperbound French dictionary on sale from Amazon, an advanced French dictionary software program, French dictionary CDs or DVDs at clearance prices, or a free dictionary software app that is adaptable to the iPhone or to a smart phone that runs on Google's Android platform, such as any of the insanely popular French flashcard apps, or apps featuring a "French Word of the Day", this is the most comprehensive resource on the Internet to find the French dictionary tool that is best suited to your needs. And check out our French slang dictionary guide here.

Indeed, we've literally sifted through hundreds of online resources, and tried out the best French dictionaries out there. We've read the reviews, and talked to people who have used these programs, and we've looked up thousands of words. We've had to. We've written and graded dozens of term papers in French, not to mention book reports, short stories and even more advanced texts such as senior theses, grad school applications and doctoral dissertations, and through and through we've constantly had to turn to our French-English dictionaries, and English-French dictionaries, which were faithfully standing by either in paper form, on our hard drives, online or, lately more than ever, on our blackberries and iphones.

We've even included a select list of French-French dictionaries, which are ideal for a deeper understanding of the nuanced meanings of French words, although do note that we only recommend this version of a French dictionary to people who already have some knowledge of French, enough to understand and decipher a short dictionary entry, written in French, explaining the meaning of the French word that they are looking up in French.

Yes, we've devoted much time and effort to researching French dictionaries in large part because we wanted to make a quality Web site to help our fellow Francophiles. But mostly, this guide is the product of knowledge we've acquired while learning French. Knowing the best French dictionaries, and having strong opinions about them, is just the nature of being a French student, or a French teacher. French students and teachers need to access French words all the time. And really, that's one of the most fun aspects of learning French, and especially about knowing French, is that there will always be new words to discover. And not only new words, but new nuances to the meaning of words in French. The etymology, the roots and origins, the history behind the words - it's all fascinating. And then there is modern French. As in, the French words that are actually spoken today, by real French speakers. That's why we've included a whole guide to French slang dictionaries: Urban French Dictionary section.

Of course there are many times when we simply want quick and reliable access to words. We've all been there, on a deadline, a big paper or project due tomorrow, you need to quickly define French words online. A few keystrokes and you're done, you've got the word, you understand it, and you can move on and create a real document in French. But at the same time, especially when deadlines permit, we hate to sacrifice quality for speed. It's the classic dilemma that we've come to describe as the French pocket dictionary problem, or "pocket problem". It goes something like this: if you buy a French pocket dictionary, or use the equivalent online, you will get your homework done sooner. But you also might not be accessing the full breadth of this beautiful language. So, we recommend that in addition to quick reference pocket dictionaries that translate French words into English, and define English words in French, we also recommend that serious students purchase a bigger dictionary for home use, and a smaller dictionary in order to define French words on the go. Each French dictionary complements the other. So, with all that said, here is a comprehensive collection of French dictionaries and reference books. Click on the links to browse and buy discount French dictionaries online:

French dictionary iPhone apps
Free Pocket French - Beginner by Innovative Language Learning, LLC
iTranslate Ultimate by Bizmosis, Inc.
Gengo Flashcards - French by Innovative Language Learning, LLC

Android apps
Advanced French dictionary for Android 2.1.9 by Talking PONS
Dictionary App by Collins

More online French-English dictionaries

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