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With its sunny beaches, pastoral farmland, cosmopolitan cities and smiling, friendly folk, France is perhaps the world's foremost travel destination. But while most people only get to stay for a few days or a week before hightailing it back home to their boring office jobs, students who study abroad in France are able to enjoy life here for months upon months. When you study French in France, you will be able to travel to Paris and the other big cultural cities, to the wine country, to the rocky coasts of the Atlantic and the white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, splashed in a seemingly eternal sun. You will make friends, and get to really know the people, and develop a deeper understanding of one of the most artistic, finessed and celebrated cultures in the world.

Most importantly, you will learn the language. French language programs are everywhere in France, including Paris, Marseilles, Toulousse and the breakthtaking French Riviera. These programs are open to people at all levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced speaker of French, you will take a simple placement test and be put in the right classroom, with other students who are as far along in French as you are.

Some programs are open to the general public, while others are affiliated with university programs. Here we list the best programs, and the most easily accessible. Enjoy your stay in France!

Accredited language schools open to the public
French Courses Language Studies International
Intensive Language Learning in Toulouse SIT Study Abroad
Study French in Sancerre, France Couer de France Ecole de Langues
Learn French in France Institut Linguistique Adenet
Quality French Language Programs Souffle

University study abroad programs
French Language at the Sorbonne Temple University
Study Abroad in France University of California Education Abroad Program
French Language and Culture in Tours, France Michigan State University
Learn French in One Summer, Get College Credit American University of Paris

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