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Classes are filling up fast so it’s time to act now. This page is where we show you how to find the French summer sessions that will give you college and high school credit. Parents: here you can discover French summer camps for children of all ages—your kids won’t want to come back.

French summer camps for kids
Not only are language retreats one of the quickest and effective ways for young children to pick up a second language, but the camp experience creates fond memories and lasting friendships. The whole concept of camp is having something in common, and a uniting purpose. Kids will not only enjoy bonding with one another, but that emotional connection to the language further reinforces the language learning process. Neuroscientists agree. This is much, much more potent than rote memorization drills sitting in a desk in front of a whiteboard. The French summer camp for kids and children we list on this page bring in a crucial element: fun.

High School summer French immersion
Intensive, yes. Boot camp, not so much. Like summer camps for kids, high school French immersion in May, June, July, August and September takes advantage of the relaxed pace of the season to bring the language to life. By not cramming it down a youngster’s throat with the looming fear of an exam, the brain is actually a lot more receptive to the new language. French is a joy, and high school summer immersion should be no exception. That’s why we’ve listed the most fun and entertaining high school French summer camp programs on this page.

This isn’t to say, of course, that the language learning your child experiences won’t qualify him or her for AP French. These camps are accredited and certified, and their success rate is stellar. It’s just that their method of teaching is different, if not better. The point is: high school kids return to school in the fall to score high on the language tests, get extremely good grades in French class and, by the end of their Junior and Senior years, pass the AP French exam with 4’s and 5’s.

College summer quarter French courses
If you want to reduce your academic workload during the regular school year and take advantage of the ability to focus on just one subject—French—then university summer sessions are your best option. The workload is light enough for you to be able to enjoy the rest of your time during the summer and work at a job if need be, while also being challenging enough to ensure that you pass all your required exams for DELF certification and school credit. Professors in the summer sometimes come from other campuses, which is one of the finer aspects of the summer session because it means that you get to enjoy a fresh perspective—not the same French faculty that you see year round during the normal academic calendar.

Adult French summer immersion
If you’ve already been to college, never went, or you don’t want to commit to a whole two or four year program, but rather you simply want to improve your language for credit or no credit, French summer school for adults is available to anybody who wants to show up. You don’t need a degree or any prerequisite qualifications apart from a five minute online placement test to determine which class level of French summer immersion you should go into. Don’t study for the test, you’re not being graded, just placed in the program that will be most fruitful to your language learning experience. Adult summer French immersion at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are all available. Sign up today, take the online quiz and pay the small fee to ensure that you don’t lose your place in the classroom. Fill out all the forms and request information on how to earn French immersion credits during the summer:

Kids French summer camp in France brochure from the CIFL Centre International de Formation et d' Echanges Linguistiques. Among the French camps for kids in France, parent and child reviews rate this one near the top.
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