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Many people who have successfully learned French and become fluent - often far beyond just a conversational level - attest that it's because they actually went to a French-speaking part of the world, lived there for a while, and got real hands-on, everyday practice speaking the language. Oftentimes, it really is just that simple. That's because when you live in a French-speaking country, you are constantly put into situations where you need to find the right words. And, when forced to search for them, you usually find them. It is not unusual, in fact, for students to easily pick up 10-20 brand new vocabulary words every day. That's right: every day!

From the first waking minutes of each morning, negotiating a breakfast menu in French, to idle afternoons spent shooting the breeze with friendly locals in the sunbathed parks, cafes, boulevards and beaches, French is constantly a necessary tool to get by, and it's a tool that gets sharpened very, very quickly when you speak it every day.

There's no denying, of course, that this method of learning French can be a challenge. Awkward situations are bound to arise, and while yes, most often they are incredibly funny, enjoyable, and ice-breaking…sometimes they aren't. One may also feel a sense of frustration and stress, similar to the way an athlete in training feels when she works her muscles every day to ultimately attain her goal. We understand this. We understand it all the more so because our goal here is to make learning French fun and easy. And while we know that it takes courage and stamina to go all the way to another country to learn French, we know that the fun and enjoyment far outweigh the challenges of learning the language.

Many locals are flattered that foreigners come to learn their language, and in our experience studying abroad in Paris, we were welcomed with open arms. Young, attractive singles our age would often invite us to parties and art exhibitions, and many lasting friendships have resulted from our stays in French speaking countries.

Of course, one key ingredient to making a French learning experience truly successful is taking an intensive language course while living abroad in a French speaking country. Combining an intensive language program with real life experience living to France, Canada, Belgium or any other French speaking part of the world is a surefire way to see your fluency French improve rapidly.

For some students, this is actually all they need to learn French. Just dive in. (Sometimes literally: if you are lucky enough to study French near the splashing waves of the Mediterranean). Often, however, people go into these programs with a little knowledge of the basics, which they then rapidly build upon. Either way, you are practically guaranteed to dramatically improve your French when you study French abroad.

But don't just spring for the first offer out there. No matter where you go, language schools abound but not all French learning centers were created equal. It is extremely important that you take classes at an accredited school. Many are affiliated with French exchange programs from accredited universities in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Others are independently certified. We've listed only top quality schools where students have really learned French, and had FUN while doing so.

Here are our listings of quality French programs in a few of the most popular destinations where you can learn French and experience a new exciting, vibrant culture at the same time:





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