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Behind the Wheel Vs. SmartFrench
SmartFrench: Beginner Level has a lot going from it: a nice complementary booklet, variable speed dialogs, and a no-nonsense approach to language learning. But where the rubber meets the road is how well it performs against the competition. We've put it up against Behind the Wheel-let's see who takes the pole position!

One thought we had after spinning these disks is that SmartFrench: Beginner Level throws its listeners in at the deep end. The true beginner or novice student might want to steer clear. But if you have a year of French under your belt, this will really give you a leg up on French second year-or help you feel more comfortable chatting with real French people.

Behind the Wheel's meticulous, sentence construction based approach may be too much grammar for people who just want to hold a conversation. SmartFrench: Beginner Level expects you to understand based on context-which is true to life but demands a little more of the learner.

The bottom line: two great products trying to do two different things. Behind the Wheel is as close to a comprehensive course as you'll find in the learn French while driving market, and SmartFrench: Beginner Level is just the thing to move your speaking from beginner to intermediate.

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