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Here's where we show you how to get the best discounts on learn French DVDs. That's right, the lowest prices possible on French learning DVD software anywhere on the Web. We also provide in-depth consumer reviews, both our own reviews written by our very own staff of Francophiles, as well as links to our selections of the best French DVD reviews online.

But first we answer the question: why buy a French language learning DVD? For starters, DVDs have proved to be the French student's new best friend. The ability to place high-quality images and sound side-by-side allows for students to learn more quickly than ever before. No more tedious rewinding of wavy VHS lessons or garbled sentences from creaky cassettes. And best of all, no more needing to leave the house to hear French spoken by a real French speaker! With prices dropping and more interactive features being added, there's never been a better time to learn French-using DVDs. No longer just a classroom supplement, DVDs are now available as standalone French courses.

The best French learning DVDs are put together from the efforts of talented people from several different fields. French language specialists, programmers, and design technicians work together to create an experience that is immersive, intuitive, and effective. Because of all the work put into these incredible programs, it often means that if you pay retail prices, the cost of learn French DVDs can often be steep. The trick is to NOT pay retail. Here we show you the secret to finding huge discounts on French learning DVDs. You see, dedicated students know that where there’s a will there’s a way. If you lack for cash, a little bit of elbow grease can help you find majorly reduced prices on French language learning DVDs. After you check out our reviews of the leading programs, put our proven bargain-hunting tips to work and discover whether learning French with DVD technology is the right approach for you!

Buy French DVDs at clearance prices
If you’re looking for a bargain, you could do worse than to pick up an older edition of a respected product. While the latest version of that French learning DVD might have the most bells and whistles, it’s mostly cosmetic. It can really be worth sacrificing a little bit of the sheen so you can get your hands on French learning DVDs that will present the quality French lessons on DVD for a fraction of the price. Remember that the bestsellers tend to be popular for a reason—French students find them easy to work with and they’re happy with the results. Learning French from a 2008 DVD instead of a 2010 DVD can help you save some big bucks without harming your language acquisition—so don’t be afraid to pick through the overstock section.

Similarly, used learning French DVDs can take over 50% off the typical retail price. Online stores like Amazon.com let you scour the globe for the best deal on the French learning DVD you’ve had your eye on. Keep in mind that lots of students will discard their DVDs simply because they’ve mastered the material—which means that you can find used learning French DVDs in excellent condition.

Another route to take is to go slightly off-brand. The biggest name doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best product—or justify the markups some publishers tack on. That said, while you can’t judge a book by its cover, software publishers understand that their customers will often need to buy on faith (you can’t exactly thumb through a DVD in the store)—if the product’s packaging looks or feels cheap, you should be concerned about the care they’ve put into the rest of the product.

Learn French DVD reviews
Get your money’s worth by reading consumer reviews on learn French DVDs. With the cost of the best learning French DVDs being well north of a typical textbook, the time you put into researching which French learning DVD you’ll want to buy pays for itself. Consumer reviews are your most trusted ally as you sift through the competing products and brands. There are many types of learners, so take that into account as you read French learning DVD reviews. For example, a product that frustrates or under-stimulates one consumer may be just the ticket for another. The best approach is to read lots of consumer reviews and pay close attention to learning French DVDs that have high ratings. Some products are so textured and universal that they satisfy various types of learners, and thus get high ratings from the majority of users. Focus on those French language learning DVD reviews to make sure you, too, would benefit from the program. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a handful of DVDs you can read in-depth and search for the features and curriculum you’re looking for. Oh, and you might want to toss out those reviews that have an excess of typos or can’t get their point across without using profanity. This is one instance where you may not want to pardon their French.

Complete DVD French course
The whole point of this site is to save you time with our own in-house reviews of the hottest French learning DVDs. In addition to providing consumer reviews here on the site, we also conduct our own independent rating, review, and comparison of the leading learn French DVDs. Trust our in-the-trenches perspective to give you a feel for how these French learning DVDs look from the pupil’s desk. We have begun a constantly growing project to develop the best available French learning DVD reviews. We’ve also picked through the review sections at big clearance retailers like Amazon.com and Borders.com and we’ve selected the best learn French DVD reviews to help guide you to the best most informed and cost-effective decision when you buy a French language learning DVD. We help you get real story on the products you’ve seen advertised.

Benefits to learning French with DVDs
While language labs were considered a revolution in their own right—imagine, being able to practice speaking and listening without a teacher present!—learning French DVDs have moved a quantum leap beyond what was thought possible a generation ago. Pronunciation drills are enhanced by onscreen text showing exactly where to put those tricky accents—not to mention mouth close ups that help you navigate the language’s more difficult sounds. Video clips of sketches and dialogs plunk you down in France—providing you with both an idea of how French people really interact with each other and motivation to keep studying.

Of course, the real innovation has come from the interactivity provided by the newest French learning DVDs. The current generation of products allows you to complete practice exercises onscreen. The curriculum is stored as coherent modules—just like chapters from your textbook. You’ll be prompted about what to practice and review, and kept on track with suggested time frames for advancing to new material. One key advantage over that community college course is that French learning DVDs often let you try before you buy. Even on sale, these DVDs can be pricy, so the better publishers often offer free trials or money-back guarantees.

Learning French doesn’t have to be hard. If you’ve tried learning languages before and felt lost—or suffered from that “What is the teacher talking about?” feeling—French learning DVDs could be the best approach for you. Listen to the dialog as much as you like and practice your speaking without needing to feel shy. Use our tips to locate a great sale price on French learning DVDs, and get started today!

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