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Consumer Review of SmartFrench: Beginner Level [Audio CD]
Who could blame you if you're anxious to trade your sweaty bucket seat for a freewheeling bicycle ride along the Champs Elyse? But the reality is, you're not going anywhere just yet. That said, time out on the blacktop doesn't need to be time spent in a black hole. More and more hard working self-starters and are making drive time, their time. If you want something more from your commute than listening to Tom Clancy's latest on tape, why not check out SmartFrench: Beginner Level? While it won't open another toll lane, it will open some doors. This is the French CD for the car for adult beginners that you need to own, and we show you where to find the cheapest copies online.

Sure, learning French in the car is a great way to while away those hours spent driving-but if you're willing to take the plunge and learn a new language, the odds are you're a smart shopper who wants to be sure they're getting their money's worth. After all, SmartFrench: Beginner Level is one of many French learning CDs for the car out on the market. So how does SmartFrench: Beginner Level stack up to the competition? We'll get to that in a moment, but first let's kick this product's tires.

It's important to understand what you can and can't expect from a learn French while driving CD set. A comprehensive grammar presentation, etymology guide, and a 360 list of spelling rules are things you shouldn't look for while shopping for CDs to help you learn French in the car. Rather, pick up the product you'll want to listen to again and again, and that has a solid curriculum behind it. There's nothing more frustrating than investing lots of time into learning a language and not getting the results you're looking for. Fortunately, SmartFrench: Beginner Level is a learn French in the car CD set that will have you saying, No Exit? No problem!

Let's start with the material you'll be listening to. If you're tired of boring beginning language conversations, SmartFrench: Beginner Level will feel like a breath of fresh air. The conversation is always topical-SmartFrench has taken the nursery feel out of language introduction by focusing on subject matter of real interest to adults. This program's beginner level topics for listening in French are designed to be interesting and elementary. A perfect combination. Topics like politics and art keep your head in the game, while the voice actors present you with several different characters who all speak a slightly different style of French-quite handy if you plan to speak to more than one person on your trip!

Of course, SmartFrench: Beginner Level isn't designed to be a quick and dirty travel prep CD set. You'll want to pack a phrasebook along with your toothbrush-a lot of the language you'll need for basic transactions just isn't here. On the other hand, if you want to ask that friendly person at the café which museum they recommend, your pleasing pronunciation will make them happy to respond. SmartFrench: Beginner Level lets its actors speak the way real French people do-which means with practice, your French will be crisp and clear.

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