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While French is but one of four official languages spoken in Switzerland (the other three being German, Italian and Romansh), it holds its place as one of the most culturally and politically important tongues in this snow-kissed alpine nation.

French is spoken in some of Switzerland's most prized cities, Geneva, where international conference-goers are lured in by the beautiful lake back dropped by breathtaking mountains. Language learners also come to the fairy-tale cities of Lausanne and Montreux in the droves, because of the inherent charm and hospitality offered up by the Swiss locals. In fact, there is perhaps no other country in Europe that preserves its rich cultural heritage as well as Switzerland does, so what better place to learn the language that real Swiss people speak!

Of course, French dialects do vary, so those who learn French in Switzerland will be exposed to mainstream French as well as the local variations on the words and pronunciation. Fear not! This may sound like a challenge, but it is actually surprisingly easy to pick up and understand the differences, and many who learned their French in Switzerland are all the more dexterous because of it. Plus, they have the added depth and understanding of both dialects that many native French speakers could never hope to attain.

So, to help you experience a wonderful culture, an awe-inspiring landscape and learn French at the same time, we've listed the best French language programs in Switzerland:

Accredited French language schools
Learn French in Switzerland Swiss-French Academy
Learn French in Geneva University of Geneva
French Language School in Lausanne Institut Richelieu
French Courses in Switzerland Voxlingua Language School

University study abroad programs
Study Abroad in Switzerland University of Miami
Study French in Lausanne, Switzerland Michigan Tech
Learn French while Interning in Geneva Boston University International Programs

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