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One of the top reasons people cite for never learning a foreign language is that they don't have time. Foreign language learning publishers have listened, and they've rushed to flood the market with CDs to help you learn French. Learning French by CD offers you the chance to listen to hours of dialog-with lots of speaking practice. In the privacy of your car, you can enjoy listening and speaking practice for almost any level. Whether you want to get in some extra practice for a French class you're taking in person, or simply jumpstart your own learning, French audio CDs for the car are an easy, affordable way to move to the head of the class.

French audio CDs for the car reviews
French learning in the car using CDs has been gaining in popularity—so you will find no shortage of in-depth learn French CD reviews covering the leading products. While it’s useful to take overly enthusiastic or negative reviews with a grain of salt, there are a good number of thoughtful, objective learning French CD reviews ranging across all language levels and abilities. Also be wary of reviews that don’t say why they don’t like the product or what specifically they enjoyed about a particular set of French audio CDs for the car. Reviews that are long on opinion but short on facts are really only useful in groups—if it seems like half the reviews simply read, “Terrible!” you’re better off looking closer at another publisher’s set of French learning CDs for the car.

Learn French driving
Opinions will differ about the best French language CD, however, so you’ll need to think through your personal priorities when choosing French CDs for the car. For instance, is it important to you that the CDs come with extensive supplemental written materials? Check learn French CD reviews to see what people who own the product have to say. Also, if you’re likely to be annoyed by poor voice acting, listen to some samples to make sure the production values are up to snuff. French CDs for car use should slide down easily and help you to to stay focused while driving, to absorb the lessons seamlessly and even, dare we say, make your commute pleasant. When buying learn French CDs online, most retailers now allow you to listen to these clips on your computer. We’ve found this to be extremely helpful.

While the big online retailers like Barnesandnoble.com and Borders.com have a large number of reviews, be sure to check our best/worst French audio CD reviews—we’ve tried out these CDs in the car, and can tell you exactly what it’s like to work with them.

What makes French learning CDs for the car so valuable?
We’ve all felt that envy of bike commuters—watching them slip around a line of cars to make a right turn, hearing them brag at the water cooler about how commuting by bike is their only exercise. Ditto for the subway and bus commuters—plowing through the NY Times best seller list on their way to and from work and then plopping down on the couch guilt-free to take in some television. What about the rest of us? The good news is that there’s no reason to keep tuning into the local zoo crew in the morning and sitting through the same classic rock set every day when the whistle blows—these days you can learn French in the car! Join the thousands of people each year who have decided that French CDs for the car are a great way to make use of their commute time.

Learn French language car CD prices
For about the cost of a tank of gas, you can fill up—on French language learning! Fuel your drive to learn at lower cost by knowing where to look for bargains. Your first stop should be online—with retailers competing for sales and plenty of secondhand sellers offering their used compact discs alongside freshly shrink wrapped products, it’s a great place to comparison shop. But the fact is that your brick and mortar bookseller might be the better deal. Before you break out the credit card, head down to see if you can get the same product at a discount. An especially good place to start is the local university bookstore. College bookstores often have an unusual amount of overstock merchandise—and while you’re there check out the textbook recycler down the street.

Learn French language CDs
In general, the CD is a durable format. Your French learning car CDs are likely to play just fine once someone else is done with them, but you don’t want to drop the cost of a nice dinner for two on a set of discs that is badly scratched or incomplete. If you want to learn real French in audio CD format, check up on the seller the way you are the French audio CDs for the car—if the seller has very few reviews, move on to someone more established. But unlike product reviews, if there are some very passionate negative reviews, it’s best to take warning.

Learn French by CD when I drive: that's the dream. So check out our ratings and reviews, compare prices, find the best French learning CD for your level and make drive time your time again by investing in French language CDs for the car:

Here are some great Learn French CDs to take along on your commute, including the audiobook Learn Fench in the Car reviews that will make you, the student, and expert judge at which material is right for you:

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