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The Internet is making it easier than ever for hardworking students to find the instruction and resources they need to succeed. Online education in all subjects is taking off around the world, and French is no exception. Take it from students who have learned French on the Internet: online classes are a great way to learn the language and get credentialed. We tell you exactly which French degree distance learning programs to choose from, how to enroll and what to expect when learning French online.

That's because flexibility, interactivity and organization are just a few reasons to take accredited French courses online. We've listed the best, cheapest accredited universities that offer distance learning courses for French: credits online that you can apply toward a diploma.

After all, like many students, you may worry how to balance your French studies with jobs, family responsibilities and your social life. Fortunately, distance education lets you study when it's convenient for you: after a swing shift, over breakfast or in small chunks throughout the day. Don't forget: just because there's not a physical classroom doesn't mean you don't need to "attend" class. Regular French practice is important no matter how you choose to study.

Accredited online French degree
Improved Web functionality means that today's online French classes are more interactive than ever before. Complete worksheets online, access audio lessons-even arrange conversation practice with a native speaker, so that when you learn French online, it is more like being in France than being in a classroom. The odds are that your home computer has everything you need to enjoy a completely interactive French learning experience. Watch videos and listen to recordings as much as you like-technology puts you in control.

A good French class offers a variety of exercises and assignments. Whether you are taking high school or university level French courses online, your learning activities will range from written essays to conjugation practice to listening comprehension practice, as a French student you'll always have plenty to keep track of. Distance education tools help you keep track of what you need to do and when. Submit assignments and receive feedback online-taking the guesswork out of how to prioritize your study time.

Online French classes
With more nontraditional students enrolling in college than ever before, accredited universities are making a special effort to offer for-credit French courses online. Make progress toward a degree, prepare to go abroad or fulfill prerequisites-all online. Don't settle for courses that promise only practice. In today's higher education environment, you can incorporate online French courses into almost any academic program.

While grammar diagramming and cultural lectures are important components of language instruction, modern teaching methods emphasize practice. The best language teachers try to give their students as much class time as possible to practice new structures and vocabulary with their peers. Good online courses get you past reference and into practice as quickly as possible.

Study French distance learning
Blackboard Learning System is just one of many tool suites a distance learning program might use to help you learn. Make sure the course you're interested in offers advanced communication and file storage features. In addition to offering an internal webmail client to help you keep in touch with your instructor and classmates, most tools allow students to post announcements, participate in threaded discussions and even instant chat. Other handy features you should look for include calendars, media libraries and exam managers.

Keep in mind the following: Multimedia functionality is essential for getting the most out of an online French course; however you access course materials, be certain that plenty of listening and speaking exercises are included.

The bottom line is that the distance course you choose should give you access to everything you'd find in the classroom-including your classmates and instructor. Many distance education students find tremendous value in arranging study groups. You might be too busy to physically attend a class on a daily basis, but once a week study sessions will really pay off when it's time to take the final exam-or chat with a French person!

Instructor feedback is a snap using the online learning environments offered by most universities. Upload recordings of yourself speaking French and get tips on your pronunciation. Notice and correct grammar problems early in the learning process by submitting regular written assignments. Look over the course syllabus carefully to be sure that you will have plenty of opportunities to receive instructor feedback. When in doubt, ask!

How to enroll in a French distance learning program: advanced, intermediate, beginner
Whether you're on a military deployment and want to work towards a degree in your down time, have a scheduling conflict that doesn't allow you to attend class in person this term, or simply prefer to learn French online, the first steps are the same. Be sure you know exactly what you want out of a Web based language program. Do you want online advanced french classes from an accredited university, basic French conversation lessons over the Internet, are you looking to sign up for an online French degree or do you just want a no-credit distance learning refresher course? Knowing exactly what you want makes your search that much easier, and it's from here you can begin your search for universities offering French courses online.

Next step: go accredited or don't go at all. This is extremely important. When taking French correspondence course instruction over the Web, it is important to remember that online French courses for college credit are only as good as the school that is administering them. Employers and reputable institutions of higher learning will not accept courses from colleges without accreditation. While it's possible to find a good instructor at a school that is not accredited, your hard-earned money should go toward tuition for coursework that will help you get ahead. This page is where we show you how to enroll in an online French class for college credit.

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Check out the online French courses offered by accredited schools and note the programs and schools that sound interesting. French accredited programs are listed here to help you find a college you're comfortable with. Next, using what you've just learned, focus on applying for the courses that offer you the most bang for your buck. Remember to e-mail the professor if you have questions. Most instructors are happy to answer questions about their courses. And if they don't get back to you now, what's to say they would when you need help preparing for the midterm?

Earn French degree online
Now that you've found a school it's time to look at the course catalogue and choose from the online French classes for college credit. Took a couple years of French in high school but are feeling a bit rusty? Or maybe, you studied for one year in a university setting but think that the summer you spent in Paris might put you at too advanced a level for the French 201 online class. Get some answers with an easy, online placement test. Most tests can be completed in less than an hour. You can use your score to simply self-assess or in many cases to satisfy Foreign Language Department requirements for placement into intermediate- or advanced-level courses.

Check your university's add/drop and withdrawal policies prior to enrolling. Pay close attention the first week and if you're concerned about the level of the class contact your instructor immediately. Take advantage of those message boards, multimedia resources and your professor's digital open door to get the most out of your class. Learn what software your instructor is using, and ask other students their advice and opinion about how useful it was. How did students find their French 201 online through Vista learning software vs those whose instructors used different learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle for French. And remember, your success depends most on your own effort!

Cheap French courses online
One huge factor is affordability, and we're happy to report that distance learning French classes are inexpensive, often precisely due to the absence of overhead that normally pushes up the prices of French courses. Cheap, online class numbers make this alternative all the more appealing. Naturally, the cost of distance French instruction varies, which is why we direct you to the cheapest, most affordable language departments on the Web.

French lessons online
In addition to courses taught by instructors, the Web is full of valuable free instructional materials that rival software packages in their quality, depth, and ease-of-use. If you want to use the Internet to acquire the language but still find a class with weekly assignments too formidable for you schedule, then we encourage you to check out the resources pointing to French lessons online we feature here on this page.

Here is a list of accredited college level online French courses, correspondence courses and independent study learning tools where you can earn French language college credit through distant learning:

University approved online French courses
Learn French online Camden County College Language and Culture Dept in New Jersey offers online and hybrid French courses including: Elementary French I: FRE 101 OL (3 credits) Elemenatary French II: FRE 102 OL (3 credits) Elementary French I: FRE 101 HB (3 credits)
College credit online French class University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, ND Online and Distance Education.
French courses online Lone Star College, based in Kingwood, TX 77339 offers Beginning French I (FREN 1411), Beginning French II (FREN 1412) Intermediate French I (FREN 2311) and Intermediate French II (FREN 2312), plus a realistic description of what to expect in their distance learning French courses, including how to balance online classes with family responsibilities.
French lessons online University of Tennessee at Martin, TN 38238 lets you choose a Web-based French program from a wide variety of options.
French 2312 distance learning in Houston Texas is available through the University of Houston. Contact the administration for online, independent study opportunities.
Study French online university Cheap French courses and e-Training via the Catholic University of Paris (Institut Catholique de Paris)
Distance learning French courses college credit First Year FR111, 112, 113 Second Year FR211, 212, 213 plus French Survival for Travelers and Students (FR121) and French Literature and Culture (FR329) offered virtually at Oregon State University Extended Campus, Corvallis, OR 97331
French Lessons and Grammar course on the Web Frenchvita via City University in London, England

Now, here is where we show you where to take online French courses in Canada. Even when the classes are virtual, sometimes the geographical location of where you are and where the campus, however electronic and decentralized it is, matters. Canada is the largest francophonic country outside of France itself, and they share technological advancement, especially in the field of online instructional technology, at a level that surpasses much of the developed world. Find out how to enroll in these distance learning French courses in Canada here:
Online French course Government of Canada
French online courses in Canada list of learning resources sponsored by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia. The group is called Canadian Parents for French.

At any of the schools and courses listed on this page, be aware that financial aid and scholarship options are virtually universally available for students pursuing a special type of degree, students with economic hardship, senior citizens...the list goes on. Our point is that it is well worth your time to contact these schools and request information about free French distance learning: it is easier than you might think. Click on the Web sites, fill out the forms and get on the lists. You could save thousands this way.

French distance education degree programs
, including programs that offer online French classes for high school credit.

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