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French Canada is probably one of the world's most undiscovered treasures. Combining the affable approachability of Canada with the high culture of France, French Canada is a sheer delight to visit. But because it hasn't been marketed in the same way that other regions have, it is much cheaper to live and study here than it is in other parts of the French speaking world. Students who are in the know are flocking to French Canada for the low cost of living, which makes it all that much easier to enjoy the cosmopolitan fruits of this destination. And when you study abroad here, you have plenty of time to discover all that it has to offer.

It is important to remember, however, that Canada is a bilingual country. If one so choose, he or she could probably sneak in a lot of English. Fortunately, the Francophones in French Canada take a healthy pride in their language, and motivated students can easily find people who will only speak in French. Forging deeper friendships with the locals is a crucial way to advance your fluency in French, and there is no shortage of friendly, hospitable Canadians to help you with your progress. Just as important, however, are the small, daily routine interactions, such as shopping or asking for directions. These will almost all occur in French as well, if you make sure to begin your conversations in French. Even the most basic sentence is enough to get the ball rolling!

Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and other bustling metropolises offer the enchantment and fun that young students seek when exploring a new country, in a new language. There are intensive French language programs in Montreal and Quebec as short as two weeks and four weeks, and as long as six months to a year! Browse the list below to discover the French course that is right for you.

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